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First  I would like to thank you for your time  that you are putting in viewing this web page . I work with random ideas and random thoughts as well as subjects. I always liked all kinds of Documentary film making and social activities . I love the world of film making as well as social works . Kumbh mela was great great film school for me because I realized world is my film school and I am lucky to be born in India i am really learning from diversity of Indian culture.

know me

“All personalities are fake. According to the psychologist ” Carl Jung “, ” persona ” which is the root word of personality means ” the mask or façade presented to satisfy the demands of the situation or the environment and not representing the inner personality of the individual; the public personality. ” So I see no sense in blabbing about myself… But still, even if, something is to be written I’ll quote ” Osho”; ” I want to be an educated vagabond, not a vagabond out of weakness. I don’t want to do anything in my life out of weakness – because I could not be anything else, that’s why I am a Vagabond – that is not my way. First I want to prove to the world that I can be anything that I want to be, but still I choose to be a vagabond – out of strength. then there is respectability even if you are a Vagabond, because respectability has nothing to do with your vocation, your profession; respectability has something to do with acting our of strength, clarity, intelligence. ” – Adapted from Osho..

My Identity in this mortal world

I am Dipesh my soul is from this universe and body is from  the land  where goddess sita  born  ;place which gave first mathematician to the world who introduced the concept of zero and taught World to count ,land  which gave the  concept of  first residential world largest university in the world Nalanda university ;place where lord  Gautama Buddha and lord Mahavira  got enlightenment and Buddhism and Jainism flourished in world ;land where Sikh 10 th Guru Gobind singh born  land  from where Gandhi started his civil-disobedience movement for human rights  in India, land which gave Identity to my country INDIA  in the world map that is ASHOK CHAKRA as it was added to Indian flag  and LION PILLAR symbol was adopted as national symbol of INDIA exactly you all are thinking right my body is from Bihar and am holding Indian passport and feeling proud to be an INDIAN CITIZEN .

My running time-line

Born in Mithilanchal  one of the world best place known for its culture and hospitality ON  10 th of may with Leo sign in my fate and completed 21 summer in this mortal worldin   a family of social activist and freedom fighter  late (Ganga prasad pilot )quoted as Gandhi of  DARBHANGA by leading newspaper of Bihar and for rest time line of mine I will be  with you through wordpress and facebook as yet my visa ends for planet earth..

My profession

  • Independent Filmmaker

    I am  Delhi based Independent Filmmaker. I am  pursuing Bachelors in Journalism & Mass Communication from Guru Govind Singh Indraprasta University, Delhi.I worked as an assistant director/fixer/researcher for movie prisms of light, With Irish film maker Yolanda barker for feature length documentary prisms of light, 82 minutes documentary (its under post production now ) in London.I also worked as an assistant director (1)for national channel of India (DD K SRINAGAR). I directed and produced all festive documentary for national channel of India (DD K SRINAGAR). Me (along with my  creative team ) filmed kumbh mela 2010 and its under post production.




Appan Samachar, an all-women village news network-is a fortnightly rural news channel run by a group of women, most of them from marginalized Dalit (downtrodden community), Other Backward Classes, Mushahar (rat eating community) & Muslim communities in Muzaffarpur district of Bihar in north India. This unique initiative began in December 2007 at Ramleela Gachhi near Deoria police station in Muzaffarpur. Presently, It is expanded in about hundred villages of six blocks like-Paroo, Sahebganj, Saraiya, Marwan, Kanti, Mushahari. This unique programme is the brainchild of a Social Activist & Journalist Mr. Santosh Sarang. Mr. Sarang is also the Chairperson of a trust named “Mission Eye International Service.” I got responsibility to be  project manager and funding coordinater of programme appan samachar .

This unique concept and the success story of the Creator & Director of Appan Samachar and these girls are highlighted by different national-international print and electronic media. The BBC, CNN-IBN, IBN7, NDTV, Vioce of Jermany, DD News, Zee News, Sahara Samay, India TV, Live India, ETV, FM radio, Aakashwani, Mahua Channel, UNI, PTI, The Pioneer, The Times of India, The Hindustan Times, Deccan Herald, The Hindu, The Telegraph, Outlook, Civil Services Chronical, Sopan Step, Dainik Hindustan, Dainik Jagran, Aaj, Prabhat Khabar, Sampadak, Media Scan, Kashmir Times, Down to Earth etc. are covered the story on Appan Samachar.For this innovative effort, in October 2008 Appan Samachar received the prestigious “Citizen Journalist Award”-a national award from CNN-IBN (Network-18 group). This award was presented by the Chief Minister of Delhi Smt. Sheila Dixit. Britain based international organisation “One World Media” has selected Appan Samachar as a shortlist winner for Special Award category in 2010. There are four unique works has been shortlisted over the world. These are Appan Samachar (India), Rien que la Vérité(Congo), The Team (Kenya), Voices, Equal Access (Nepal).


11 thoughts on “I am

  1. i went through ur page and i cant deny the fact tht itz truly a good one,,,the lines scribbled in -the identity in dis mortal world made me feel proud too,,,,all d best bro,,may u reach 2 d zenith’s height….

  2. well i feel lucky to have u as friend and may be the first one t post the comment on your website.
    Its amazing to see you grow in such a manner that one day you will be known in other countries too.

    How can i forget this statement
    “Not only as a frnd i will see you as a mentor who guides me whenever you meet me”,

  3. Dearest Dipesh,
    Thank you for sending me your blog! You are amazing with much talent, energy, joy, and goodness. Wishing you brightness and light all along your way. Love love love, Dawn

  4. yar i hav no words…great aussumn work u r doing…………keep doing…..i will got lots of inspiration frm u really………..

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